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my creative INSPIRATION genealogy



Francine Rivers, Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, A Man Called Ove

(fiction with themes of adventure, hope and the deeper meaning in circumstances)


(human experience, how people got to where they did, how people think; Amy Poehler, Bob Goff, Jenna Fischer's are all notable)


The DNA of Relationships

(the best book I've read on healthy self care and relationship - helpful in life and in acting)


The Bible

(my faith in God's love and goodness, plans and purposes is what best defines me)


It Happened on Broadway, Razzle Dazzle, Musical Theatre: A History

(music theatre history books; I want to teach music theatre history at some point)


Bethel Music Collective, Maverick City Collective, Sara Groves

(songs and storytelling that inspire my faith)

 Steffany Gretzinger, Hunter Thompson, Donte Bowe

(voices I love to hear sing to that also inspire my faith)


Raise a Hallelujah (Bethel)

(my personal anthem)

The Next Right Thing (Frozen 2), Still Hurting (The Last Five Years), Since You Stayed Here (Brownstone), Back to Before (Ragtime)

(music theatre dramatic songs that represent one of the things I do well as an actor)


My New Philosophy (...Charlie Brown), Never (On the Twentieth Century), Baltimore Crabs (Hairspray), Little Girls (Annie

(music theatre comedic songs that represent another thing I do well as an actor - that quirky comedy/quirky bad guy)


West Side Story

(for it's place in music theatre history and for how well it incorporated singing, music, dancing, acting into the storytelling)

Boeing, Boeing

(I belly-laughed my way through the show when it was on Broadway while I was at NYU; the comedic performance of Mark Rylance was master class in comedic acting!)

August: Osage County

(the actual play by the original cast - not the movie version, where they look all the humor and opportunities for levity out of it - boo!)

Steve Carell, Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman

(master classes in comedic acting)

Troy & Abed's dynamic from Community

(master class in playing off another actor)


Amber Quick, Scott Shipman, Joey Banks

(hometown favorites from Austin whom I have loved watching and studying over the years)


Dan in Real Life, Parks & Rec, The Office, Community, Ted Lasso,

 Silver Linings Playbook, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


Leta Horan

Jerry MacLaughlin

Bill Wesbrooks 


There are so many who have influenced me. When I think specifically of those who have inspired me most to "Do Something Great," here are those who come to mind: 


Brian Gill

Ellie Jarret Shattles

Deborah Williamson

Ingo Titze

Lynn Mayfield

David Meyer

Matt Edwards


Leta Horan

Bill Wesbrooks

Brian Manternach

Lyn Koenning

Image by Clark Tibbs


Beth Moore

Bill Johnson

Dr. Ralph Woods 

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