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Straight from the Horse’s iPhone Notes

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

This is a prayer that I wrote out in my iPhone notes during an insanely long callback I was at a few years back.

“Holy Spirit, focus me. You have not given me a spirit of fear but of power, love and self discipline. Help me to not agree with the fear and intimidation that press up against me! Counsel me with your love! Fill me with your power, love and self control! Drown out the noise with YOUR precious voice, my Good Shepherd! Talk to me, steady me, give me insight. Tell me – do I have a role in this show? Do not let me miss my calling, my destiny, my assignment. Holy Spirit, you ARE creativity! You ARE insight and inspiration! I love you. May I mean it with a full, pure heart that I love you more than I love getting roles! There is zero point in me being here if you aren’t with me and ahead of me and behind me and filling me! So please, please come into that room with me. I thank you that you are my advocate, agent, ally, and Good, Good Father. You are above all and over all and in all. You are worthy of all praise.”

At that point, a friend I’d done a show with came over to me and we talked for a bit. When she got called into the audition room I wrote more:

“Thank you for sending people over to me as I wait to be seen and reminding me to really see them, care for them, listen to them. May Your love for the people you have placed here fill me and may they receive it. Holy Spirit, you are Helper and Counselor, so help me to not only be inspired by you in my creative work but also to display your pure love to each person with me. Keep me aware of YOUR concerns.”

Another actor friend came over, who was auditioning for the same part as me. She had recently begun a relationship with Jesus and I was loving my new opportunities to share with her about God’s love and ways. The next part of my prayer explains what happened next:

“This evening drags on. Lord, what do I do when I start to feel discouraged like this? Thank you for the opportunity to encourage Eva.* If that is the only reason I’m here then I get it, Lord. She said she wanted to be able to go in the audition room and sing again even though it seemed like they’d already made up their minds who they were going to cast. My first thought was to tell her to pray and ask you to let her sing. But I didn’t tell her because I was afraid you wouldn’t answer her prayer. Forgive me, Lord. Moments later, they did ask her to sing and then moments after that they were exclusively having her read as they auditioned other roles around her. To be able to speak of your desire to give her the desires of her heart was worth me waiting around all night.”

As she got ready to leave the audition and we said goodbye, I said to her, “You realize you just got that role, right?” I pointed out how I had seen God move on her behalf. Ministering to my friend was the highlight of that long, otherwise pointless audition. I got a front row seat to watching God teach her that he wants to bless her performance work.

She got the role, by the way!

*Not her real name.

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