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Like the Nerd Chosen Last for the Kickball Team

I was at a callback several years ago and became aware of what I’ve come to recognize as God’s specific guidance and provision. For whatever reason, I had a feeling I was going to book this role. Even so, I was told “Thank you, that’s all we need from you” and I got cut early.

Bewildered, I packed up and said my goodbyes. Halfway through the parking lot, my phone started buzzing and I looked down to see the name of the director I’d just auditioned for.

“Hey, can you come back in?”

I ran back toward the building like the nerd chosen last for the kickball team and finished out the audition. (Sidenote: I never did find out what had happened to change his mind. Within five minutes time that director had cut me and then called me back in. Someone should make a TV show to answer all the actor’s unanswered audition room questions: “Unsolved Mysteries: The Director’s Table.”)

In the days following, I waited to hear from the theatre and made a choice to trust God with bolder faith than usual by thanking Him in advance for the role. I have learned that one way God gets through to me is with mental pictures and I had gotten this picture in my mind the evening after the audition of me standing on a mountaintop. Under my foot was a ribbon fluttering in the wind. A few feet under me, there was a small group of people struggling in chaos. It seemed to me like the ribbon represented what God was reserving for me and that it was important for me to stay above the chaos of doubt and choose faith. Anytime I began to worry about whether or not I was really going to get the phone call I was waiting for, I thought about that picture.

When my phone rang a couple evenings later, there was extra joy in receiving that call as I celebrated one of the first times in my auditioning career that my trust in God had won out over fear.

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