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I Flipped My Cast Mate the Bird

Have you ever allowed someone to get under your skin so much that if they even breathe, you’re offended? *Mike became that person to me within the first week of rehearsals for my cruise ship contract. By the time we finished rehearsals and boarded the ship, we struggled to be civil toward each other.

Several months into the contract, our cast was in rehearsal for that evening’s show. He and I had thrown actor’s etiquette to the wind long ago and had gotten in the habit of giving each other notes. A disagreement came up between us about some dance move we had in a number we were partnered together in and even though the music we were dancing to was loud and made it hard to hear, I was sure I’d heard him say something offensive to me. So, being the Jesus-loving actress that I was, I asked God to humble me and then responded with love.

Yeah, no. I didn’t do that.

My temper flared red-hot and before you could blink I shot him the middle finger.

Mid-dance move. I choreographed it right in.

An expression of shock and disbelief came over his face and I started to think that maaaaybe I’d jumped to a conclusion and he hadn’t actually said anything offensive.

Mike was actually a pretty sensitive dude and what I did really hurt his feelings. Not to mention my witness of what God’s love looks like. I honestly don’t remember if I apologized at the time. I do remember immediately thinking to cover my ass and running to tell our company manager what I’d done and my side of the story before Mike could. I wish I could say I came to my senses regarding my thoughts and behavior toward him after that, but I didn’t and things remained rocky between us for the remainder of the contract. It took me a solid year to be able to hear and receive what God had to say to me about how I had treated Mike during that contract.

I’ll share that part of the story next time.

*Not his real name.

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