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I don’t have ADD – except sometimes with God.

But oh! God is in His Holy Temple! Quiet everyone – a holy silence. Listen! – Habakkuk 2:20, MSG

Here’s a confession: I think I’m only just now realizing the connection between being silent and still in His Presence and trusting God.

Martin Luther said that he had so much work to accomplish that he couldn’t possibly do with less than three hours a day in God’s Presence. Three hours! Can you imagine?

I am no Martin Luther in the time I spend daily with God. But I do recognize my need for consistent time spent in silence and stillness before God. And I’ve experienced enough seasons where I chose fruitless hustling to get work done over hustling to quiet my heart before the Lord. I know that a time and management miracle occurs when I hustle first to set my heart before the Lord. Somehow, the hustle to get work done usually becomes more manageable and efficient. So help me, Lord. Help me to carve out and guard such times and meet me in those times – and outside of them, too. I want to experience ALL the real, full life you created me to have with You! Amen.

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