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I Don’t Get Seasick – Until I Do

My cruise ship contract itinerary put us in smooth waters, for the most part. Even when the ship did get a little rocky, my room was perfectly positioned in the center of the ship on one of the bottom levels. From there, you could hardly feel any rocking. But if I had to be on stage during stormy weather that was another story! The theatre was at the front of the ship where the rocking tends to be worst. There were two bathrooms backstage and, I remember once, I was walking out of the restroom near stage left as a cast mate walked out of the restroom near stage right, both of us having just tossed our cookies.

When waters were turbulent during rehearsals or shows, the movement would sometimes drive me down into the fetal position between my numbers as I tried to get as close to the center of gravity as possible. On one of those nights I was backstage in-between shows and I felt so miserable, I was starting to cry. I had some worship music playing on shuffle and that old Casting Crowns song, “Praise You in This Storm” came on. (God clearly like puns.) Eyes closed, head in hands and too sick to actually sing, I mouthed the lyrics:

I’ll praise You in this storm/And I will lift my hands/For You are who You are/No matter where I am

I kid you not, by the end of the song, the tumultuous rocking had ceased and we had smooth sailing for the rest of the evening!

I’ve learned that God really does delight in meeting our needs and showing up when we cry out to Him. And by now I’ve lived long enough to know from experience that He will never stop answering us with His goodness and kindness when we cry out to Him.

Some went off to sea in ships…

They observed the Lord’s power in action, His impressive works on the deepest seas.

He spoke, and the winds rose, stirring up the waves.

Their ships were tossed to the heavens and plunged again to the depths; the sailors cringed in terror.

They reeled and staggered like drunkards and were at their wits’ end.

“Lord, help!” they cried in their trouble, and He saved them from their distress.

He calmed the storm to a whisper and stilled the waves.

-Psalm 107:23-29

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